Technical PROJECT solutions are transformed into 3d. model. Construction
details are designed.

Panels production in a closed factory.

The panels of the house are transported and assembled on the plot.

Completed building.

Advantages of wooden houses

Healthy house. Wood is a natural raw material that has moisture regulation properties and creates an excellent indoor microclimate. Using other building materials, this result is difficult to achieve.

Short construction time. The construction time of a log house on the construction site lasts up to 3 months. Prefabricated and frame houses are usually manufactured in the factory, so on-site assembly takes up to a week.

Low house weight. The foundations of wooden houses do not have high requirements, so they are much cheaper, and bringing the wood itself to the construction site is cheaper than transporting other construction materials.

Possibility of winter construction or “dry” technology. Building a wooden house apart from the foundations does not require wet processes such as masonry and concreting, so the house can be built regardless of seasonality. In construction, all elements are connected in a dry way (with wood screws, nails, etc.), so there is no need to wait for the material to dry, it is possible to work continuously.

Simplicity of reconstruction and modernization. The construction of wooden houses allows you to quickly and easily modernize and reconstruct the house.

Low thickness of external walls. The walls of panel and frame houses are filled with thermal insulation material, so they retain the same thermal resistance as brick houses, although the walls are thinner. For example, NEOWALL ® patented panel house technology saves about 15% of the house area.

Tightness. Panel and frame houses are sealed from the outside with wind insulation panels or wind insulation films, the joints of which are glued with sealing strips. The interior of the building is sealed so that steam from the premises does not enter the insulation materials. All interior surfaces are covered with steam insulation before finishing the interior of the building. They are installed in such a way that they are not damaged by workers performing other work (electricians, plumbers, finishers, etc.).

Buildings (or parts thereof) of different energy efficiency classes must be designed to comply with the tightness in accordance with LST EN 13829: 2002 “Thermal performance of buildings”. The air permeability of buildings is determined by the differential pressure method at a pressure difference of 50 Pa between the inside and outside of the building. The amount of air exchanged in economy class A and B buildings shall not exceed 1.5 times, and in buildings of class A, A + and A ++ not more than 0.6 times per hour.

Disadvantages of wooden houses

Low inertia. Uninsulated log houses require additional thermal insulation. It is possible to heat such a house quickly, but the warmth does not last long.

Disadvantages of non-glued wood and limitations of its constructions. When building a house from non-dried or poorly dried non-glued wood, there is a risk of encountering “sitting” on the walls – the wood dries, and when it dries, it cracks and holes. Such a house can “settle” up to 10% of the wall height. Non-glued wood elements (logs, beams, rafters, etc.) come in limited dimensions (length up to 6000mm, height and width up to 300mm), which limits the dimensions of the structures and, at the same time, the premises of the house.

Technology that requires exceptional accuracy, skill, and competence is rarely used. In Lithuania, in contrast to other countries, the majority of residential construction consists of brick houses – about 90%, everyone else accounts for 10%. This proportion has not changed for a long time.

Lack of a common dimensional system. When building a frame or panel house, the distances between the columns do not always correspond to the dimensions of wool, OSB boards, gypsum board, and other building materials. Large amounts of waste can be generated and the construction of the house can be more expensive as a result.


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