Laminated wood houses

milda-1Log houses made of laminated wood beams become more and more popular in Europe.


– wood does not have internal stresses, and therefore retains its form and shape;
– timber is dried up to 10-12% of humidity for this reasons it shrinks minimum;
– houses has nicer looking surface, free of cracks and imperfections;
– can be quickly and easily assembled all year-round.

Usually laminated logs are made of two, three, four, five layers of timber, i.e., glued lamellas from which any defects of timber have been removed. Cut timber blanks are mixed and glued into lamellas, which are glued into squared beam up to 20 cm thick. This clears timber strains; therefore the squared beam becomes more resistant to hogs and twists. Later beams go through machine tools, receive profile and are cut according client’s drawings.  You can check our finished laminated wood houses projects here ->

Client can choose between different thicknesses of laminated wood logs:

EXTRA INSULATED LOG WALLS replica tag heuer uk

If there is requirement to reach energy saving level (R/U value) for your living house there is one easy and effective way – log wall combined with insulation of mineral/eco-wool.
Usually there are used laminated wood logs (80-160 mm) which can be insulated with various types of wool of (100-200 mm thickness), from walls outside or inside replica omega uk. Then decoration boards are placed on top. As it is shown in the example below:

Insulated wooden house walls