Glu-Lam Beams

JSC “” offers Glu-Lam wood which is an ideal material for the load-bearing structures of buildings and constructions where long spans are desired. Also it can be used as for arches, portals, roof, lintel and floor beams, for columns rafters and A frames.

Straight Glu-Lam can also be made according on specific applications and, as well as a large range of standard sizes.


Width 90 90 135 180 210
Width 115 180 210

Length up to 9 m


Width 135 135 180 210
Width 180 180 210

Length up to 9 m

GLU-LAM GL-24, GL-28

Width Height* Length
90 90…500 9000
135 160…500 9000
175 160…500 9000
200 160…500 9000


Beam’s length up to: 12m
Beam’s width: 60…200
Beams height: 120…500
Minimum bending: Radius-1000
Used glue: EPI


–          Low weight compared to its strength;
–          In cases of fire, Glulam retains the structure’s stability longer than other materials due to slow charring;
–          Design flexibility: easy combine with other materials;
–          Ecologically sustainable: wood is 100 % renewable material;
–          Quick erection even in all weather conditions.
–          Durability: in most structural applications, the life of Glulam can be considered virtually unlimited.
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The excellent quality of our glulam is guaranteed by a continuous and rigorous internal quality control – a key element of the production process. Quality control is regularly audited by an external body.


Used wood Spruce. According to special requests possible pine, larch.
Wood humidity 10-12% ± 2
Wood density 450 kg/mᶟ
Glues Bindan-EPI
Tolerance ± 2mm